Referring a friend Bonus

Are your friends interested in currency trading?

Convert them now to today’s markets and start gaining tremendous profits.

We pay immediate cash commission for every friend you convert us. The commission is cash and not a bonus or an offer!

Through our lucid program presented to our agents, you can easily track the accounts registered by you and know your commission anytime!

If you are familiar with acquaintances interested in commerce and trading contact us now by registering in the front page and convert them to our team.

Look at the chart below and realize how much you can gain.

75$ 250$ – 499$
150$ 500$ – 1,999$
250$ 2,000$ – 9,999$
400$ 10,000$ or more

The terms and conditions for the award of referring a friend:

  1. The referring bonus is available for the new accounts only; transformation of the bonus to your trading account will be after the depositary completion in both accounts and after their legal activation.
  2. The referring friends reward transformation to your trading account will be only after examining your friends account.
  3. Etihad trade has the right to make any amendments, alterations or cancelations regarding this program at any time.
  4. Traders from the following countries are not qualified to refer friends: China, Romania, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Egypt.
  5. The reward transformation will be after ensuring that all the supporting documents presented.To withdraw your reward, you must meet with the following conditions:

    Etihad trade- minimum 10,000 trading, based for each 1$ a reward during 12 months.

  6. If you fail to meet the trading requirements within the specified time, your bonus will be eliminated and removed from your account.
  7. The bonus does not apply with the commission of associate Etihad partners.