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Oil trading

Trade oil and a variety of energy products with Etihad Trade’s most advanced platforms with competitive prices, exclusive news, analysis and educational materials.

Etihad Trade is considered one of the leading brokerage firms in the world in trading foreign currencies and contracts. The company provides a myriad of significance advantages for oil traders.

Features of oil trading with Etihad Trade:

  • Trade on a wide range of petroleum products and energy
  • Trade via applications for smart devices that runs by Android and iOS regulars
  • Copy professional traders’ transactions through the automated trading system
  • Providing account managers for follow-up and guidance on a daily basis
  • Multi-language customer service during trading hours

You will find that Etihad Trade is the best-suited, perfect company for trading oil over the internet. The company is known of her high credibility in the deposit and withdrawals operations, speed performance, and its efficient and effective deals implementations.

Etihad Trade provides financial rewards to its partners in success who chose the company as their commercial broker. The company offers its employees a bonus that may reach up to $ 10,000 depending on the size of the amount deposited in order to do justice to everyone. The more the depositor equity capital increases, the more reward money increases on the one hand, and the more profits increases on the other.

Oil and energy derivatives contracts with Etihad Trade:

With Etihad Trade you can enjoy freedom and flexibility in trading, where you can trade many oil derivatives without any fees or restrictions. These derivatives as follow:

  • Crude Oil
  • Brent oil
  • Natural gas
  • Heating oil
  • Gasoline

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A glimpse of oil market

Trading crude oil and its derivatives directly in trading markets over the internet has become one of the most important electronic commerce in modern times. It is considered a profitable business and have significant financial returns that benefit the trader largely. The importance of oil trading markets lies in oil price that is the most prominent indicator of the global economic situation. This type of trade is the backbone of modern trading and its basis. By virtue of its strong impact on the economy of the countries where oil sources are available because of the high and low price, as well as the impact on the traded countries economy and participating in buying and selling process. There is no doubt that the countries that import oil to cover its needs is affected positively or negatively, by the oil price recovery in its economy or its collapse due to the decline or rise in oil prices. Here we find that the oil has become very important in business as it has a big impact on the economy at the local and global levels.

Etihad Trade is considered one of the major brokerage firms that offers a wide range of services for traders, especially in direct oil markets; it is one of the leading companies in this field because of their great achievements and the speed of the performance and effectiveness of deal implementation. Electronic oil trading has the same foreign currencies commerce properties in terms of buying and selling, and executing transactions. This is because prices are shown at the price of a barrel versus the US dollar and thus considered as pair currencies that is affected by the rising descending waves, and the investor can trade both in a climb up or prolapse. It is also affected by oil operations of supply and demand, so the trader must make good analyzation of oil movement associated directly with the US dollar, making it easier trading. The only difference between this type of trade, and trade in other currencies is that it has certain period of implementation of the deal, in order to implement new deals, and here lies the importance of choosing Etihad Trade as a commercial broker for executing transactions for its great facilities of trading.

Factors affecting oil price:

  • Political crises and outbreaks of regional wars, especially in the Middle East
  • The inverse relationship between oil price and US dollar
  • OPEC oil-producing countries affect the price by raising or decreasing production in the oil-producing countries
  • Seasonal factors such as weather and natural disasters that affect their production processes
  • Use of renewable energy such as solar energy reduces the demand for oil and adversely affect the price
  • Discovery of other alternative energy sources such as oil shale

Oil is one of the most important commodities required and the most actively traded, making its price affects the global economy in all countries, whether producing or consuming oil. Here lies the importance and necessity of knowing the affecting factors of oil price. In addition, lies the importance of oil study, in terms of its association with global climate change on the one hand, and focus on the development of sustainable energy sources as an alternative to oil, such as fuel cells, shale oil, ethanol, liquefied natural gas, solar energy and other order reduce the global demand for oil.

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