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On line gold trading

Gold commerce and trading has become one of the most important business in this period by means of it stability in the light of economic fluctuations, and because of the lucrative returns of profitability. Therefore, in order for a trader to achieve real profit he must provide reasons for success and that by choosing Etihad Trade as his commercial broker for executing transactions. Buying and selling gold process executed directly through online trading via internet, considering gold as a valuable coin and not plain metal.

Why trading gold with Etihad Trade?

  • You have the opportunity to open an account with a small amount starting with 100$.
  • Receiving a welcoming bonus upon registration of up to 10,000$.
  • Adjustable and easy to use trading platforms and applications for smartphones.
  • The company provides direct support with your own language at all times.
  • A variety of account that suits everyone such as Islamic accounts.
  • Start metal trading with Etihad trade and receive a welcome reward up to 10,000$.

Trade Gold with Etihad Trade

Etihad Trade is a leading licensed company and internationally accredited in the gold trade brokerage business. Because of the company’s extensive experience in the financial markets and analytical study of trader’s taste, Etihad Trade offered all the solutions to the problems that gold traders face and has helped them access global markets quickly, efficiently and with unraveled effectiveness. Etihad Trade Company considers traders as partners to success therefore the company’s main concentration is their comfort and the provision of all the reasons to success.

Reasons for success in the gold trade with Etihad Trade:

  • Providing educational materials for investors to increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons.
  • Spreads and low commissions which increase the trader’s profit.
  • Providing promotions and bonuses when you register and deposit to raise the capital.
  • Opening or closing deals with finite speed of executions.
  • Providing full screen Etihad trading platform, the most widely used in the market.

Trading other metals:

Etihad Trade provides more options of trading precious metals in addition to gold. Some of these metals are:

  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Silver
  • Copper

Factors that affect gold price:

The price of Yellow metal is affected by many factors that every trader must consider, study and be familiar with. Etihad Trade provides sufficient information for traders to study in order to be careful and not reckless. Analysis of gold also depends on several factors, some of which are: Price changes in the market, influence of the reduction or increasing production, and political, economic and social changes of the producing and consuming countries for this precious metal.

Among the most important factors affecting the price of gold as follows:

  • Financial crisis.
  • Supply and demand for gold
  • Political events and wars.
  • Economic data issued by the united states of America.

Gold is considered a safe way to invest because it sustains its price throughout the years in light of economic, social fluctuations and natural disasters. Although gold is influenced by these factors, this influence is considered simple compared to other currencies. For those currencies are possible to lower their prices and cause traffickers heavy losses. Therefore, the demand for gold continues to increase, based on the opinion of the majority of financial analysts around the world, stressing that gold will achieve great successes in all trading markets because at this stage trading gold is an opportunity that have no compensation. Because of the current low gold prices and the movement of financial markets, everyone confirms that prices will rise or even touch the sky.

The link between gold and currencies:

There is a direct relationship between gold and dollar, as the gold is mainly linked to the US dollar, and is affected by any events or data relating to it. Often, this relationship is inversed. The dollar’s price is considered as a strong indicator of the gold price because of the tight link between the both. In case of increased demand for some currency, the price of gold decreases, and vice versa. For example, in recent times, when demand has increased for the euro, gold has not been able to continue rising. This was because most investors went to buy in the euro area in order to make profits due to expectations that the European Central Bank will make some actions to resolve the euro zone crisis, hence the reason for this decline in the price of gold.

Gold trading:

The trading world has become a wide world full of currencies commodities, precious metals, stock markets and others. The yellow metal is the most popular and important type of minerals. Therefore, it has become necessary for all traders to be familiar with it and trading it. Above all the trader must have all the necessary information for his success in this type of trading, since this is a precious metal and have huge turnout from traders all over the world. Here Etihad trade provides wide range of learning tools and is also equipped with a large and qualified staff to respond to all inquiries and made easy to use and quick to respond trading platforms to buy and sell orders.

Making profits of gold:

Exploit gold price fluctuations to make profits. Tips that Etihad Trade provides for traders to make profits intelligently and to achieve a greater return without any risk:

First, know the point of entry, a good knowledge of buying and selling prices after careful analysis of the bull market or the movement of the downlink and analysis of support and resistance points.

Second, knowledge of buying and selling times. Here traders should know the functioning times of markets that affect the price in order to buy and sell at the appropriate times.

Third, study other currencies affecting the gold, such as the US dollar and the euro. In addition to following the news in the two regions due to their significant impact on the price of gold.

Fourth: follow-up technical and fundamental analysis for gold and other currencies. It is necessary to know this information before the buying and selling process to determine its movement. The interest rate, inflation rate and the use of some well-known indicators are also important to determine the trend.

Opening an account with Etihad Trade Company:

Etihad Trade provides large variety of new facilities for investors and the most important is enabling traders to open accounts in small amounts, starting from $ 100 US, and offers a reward of up to$ 10,000 US, depending on the amount deposited. Trading is on various metals. All these services offered by Etihad trade for you to be a real partner in success, Etihad Trade provides all the necessary information for traders markets in terms of publications, courses, articles and videos that knows traders in gold and other metals and currencies. This is why Etihad Trade is the perfect choice for all traders looking for excellence and success to his trade and prestigious high levels.

Start trading gold with Etihad Trade Company to get a new customer bonus of up to $ 10,000.