Frequently Asked Questions about forex trading

Why is it when you arrive to maturity date of fx , the price does not change from the moment of purchase?
In the case of the stability of the price at the same level since the start of the trade, you will not lose any cash or check for the deliberation. In addition,
100% of your investment will be refunded.

What is the amount that can be recovered in case of non-successful trading forex ?
In case of incorrect work, ratio is separately calculated for each forex. The percentage could reach up to 20% of the amount invested. You can see the size of that percentage before the purchase option by the arranger “Return” through “Profitability” section by trading forex Trader Platform.

What is the amount paid when you sell the forex before the maturity date?
forex  can be sold early if you want to install your profit or minimize losses. In case of early sales of forex, the option loses part of its core value, and the account will be charged only the amount invested. Liquidity ratio recovered in the case of early sales are accounted for in the trading platform forex Trader automatically, each contract separately, dependent on the forex counters, and the time remaining to maturity.
For early sale, you can log in to the trading platform forex  Trader, click on “Open fx options” and then click on “Put out”. Selling price will be displayed immediately. In case of approval of contract closure, the amount shown will be deposited in your account; option will be sold and will be recorded as a closed fx option. In case of forex sold before the completed date and the sale price is equal to the purchase price, the value of forex will not be refunded.

What is the STA and how can we deduct it from the account?

STA- Safe Trade Action is a tool that gives the possibility of re-division of the funds invested in the purchase of forex in the case of a loss at the end of the option.
In case there is STA on the client’s account, when you buy a forex one STA will, and a shield sign will appear at the number option purchased.
If the STA discount when you buy a forex and the option was closed at a loss, you will be reimbursed at their nominal value of the STA on your account.
In case the STA discount when buying a forex and when closing the deal, recording a profit or closing before the deadline, do not pay the value of the STA, and the STA will be wasted. Option value paid in full.
Number of the STA appears on trading account in the upper right corner of the podium.
Example: Suppose that on your account there is 10 STA with a nominal value of 1 USD for each one. In case of purchase, any of the forex one STA will be deducted from your account and a shield sign will appear to the right of option number.
In case of loss of the option expiry, it will be reimbursed at the STA nominal value on your account that is 1 USD.
In case of a profit when expiration of the option or closing ahead of schedule, you will pay the value of the option only, and not pay the value of the STA.

What will happen to the STA if I do not use it before it expires?
Each STA has an expiration date, and can be consumed before the expiry of that period. You can see the validity period by clicking on the icon of the STA in the upper right corner of the forex Trader platform. If the STA is not consumed before the expiration date, it will be wasted.

What does doubling the option means?
Doubling the option (X2) is an option, available on forex Trader platform that allows doubling the value of the open trade. (The nominal value of the option).

How can I multiply forex ?
If you have an open option, in the column “value there is X2 icon, when pressed, emerge conditions window doubling fx option. By clicking on the “Continue”, will double the original value of the option, the new value will appear in the column “Value”

Is it possible to double the value of the option more than once?

Yes, the option can be doubled several times. Doubling restrictions are:

  1. The maximum value of each option, referred to in trading conditions.
  2. The minimum withdrawal (%) must not be less than 10%.

When is the option to 'double option' available?

“Doubling” option is available to all customers. However, activating the option may be limited, and this is linked to market conditions.

What types of forex is available to 'double option'?

At the moment “double” option is available only for forex for the type of “up / down” option.

What are the conditions that lead to cut the series of transactions and prevent you from getting a bank equivalent?

  1. Non-compliance with the conditions of the bank equivalent in terms of the minimum value of open option in any transaction of the series.


If there were four consecutive deals, the value of each one of them at least 5 USD. The value of the fifth option 1 USD. In this case, regardless of the success or failure of the fifth deal, the series will be interrupted, and the conditions for an equivalent bank will not be available.

  1. Termination option before the appointed time, the result is that the client loses all amount that was deposited to buy the option.
  2. Ending option with equal value to the one when was purchased.
  3. In the transaction funds that were obtained because of switching bonus points on funds for trading in forex are used.

How to calculate the value of the bank's bonus?

  1. Out of every open position of each client is calculated by the amount of value of 0.25% of the value of the option. The equivalent amount of the company’s funds will be transferred to the bank’s bonus fund.
  2. In case of funds used in the option, collected as a result of switching bonus points on the funds for trading forex that deal does not intervene in the bank bonus accounts.
  3. In case that the deal has been with participation of the funds that were obtained by switching rewards points on the money, the bank’s bonus is calculated only from the real money value of 0.25%. The deal is calculated only if the option value of not less than 5 USD 5 / EUR.
  4. Bonus bank is valued by USD. Accounts that are different from the currency of the bank bonus is converted by the price index forex Trader platform.

When and who can get bank bonus?

  1. The customer, who is the first to complete five consecutive successful deals, earns bank bonus. A series of lucrative deals should be subject to the following conditions:
  2. Series of successful deals must meet the following conditions:
    • The value of each option shall not be less than 5 USD 5 / EUR (in case of opening option with less value the series is canceled).
    • Option must not exceed one hour.
    • When using deal funds received from the switch rewards points on trading forex fund, the client’s own funds must not be less than 5 USD 5 / EUR of the total value of the deal.
  3. Bonus bank in the single personal page must not be exploited more than three times during the day.
  4. In case that requirements for obtaining a bank bonus applicable for two trading accounts at the same time (limit of milliseconds, for example, 0.13: 20:23:13), the full amount will be transferred to the account with a better history of trading. (in the USD).
  5. The Company reserves the exclusive right to name the winner as it sees fit. In cases of fraudulent activity, the Company reserves the right not to convert the bonus.

What are the liquidity of rewards for trading forex, and how do you get them?

Cash bonuses are funds for trading forex, which you can get them on switching rewards points under Etihad Cashback program.
For more details about this service, visit our website.

How to trade forex, using cash bonuses?

On your Etihad account at the podium forex Trader arise two portfolio for personal liquidity and cash bonuses, which were obtained by the process of converting points. When trading you can withdraw money from the rewards portfolio.

Trading procedures:

  1. In case the outcome of the forex closed with positive reaction. For example, the bonus points changed to 1000 USD. You open personal portfolio worth 100 USD (withdraw rewards portfolio) with the percentage of payments 45%. Option closes with positive outcome o, and you get 45 USD, turned into the portfolio. As for the 100 USD liquidity bonuses, they are burned (perished). The result is you have 1045 USD remains on the portfolio and 900 USD bonuses.
  2. If the option is closed with negative result. Suppose that the same data, mentioned in item 1, the option closed with negative result. In this case 100 USD cash bonuses are burned, you do not get a percentage of payments. The result is you have 1000 USD and 900 USD remains bonuses.
  3. If the closing of the option was in the price of opening, suppose the same data, mentioned in item 1, the option closed at a price of opening. In this case as well, 100 USD cash bonuses are burned, you do not get a percentage of payments. The result, as in the example the second item, 1000 USD personal liquidity and 900 USD bonuses.

Moreover, we draw your attention, that unused liquidity bonuses burn after seven days after the conversion

What time trading the following devices: CFD on stocks, indices, crude oil?

Trading Hours mentioned EET (Eastern Europe).

Trading period EET Device
16:35-21:59 offering Facebook، Google
17:00-21:59 offering Apple
09:05-21:59 Oil
09:05-21:59 indices S&P 500، S&P 500
10:05-21:59 indices FTSE 100

Can the forex Trader add levels, touch add or expand the bandwidth in the 'scale strategy'?

No, this is not possible because all parameters for forex are part of a single financial contract.

What is the PRO case?

It’s the case that include calculating forex which give the possibility of increasing the percentage of revenues for each open fx option.

How does the case of the PRO work?

The state of the PRO is added for seven days from the moment of completion of the conditions associated with indicators of volume. After getting the case, increasing the graduation (Payout) all transactions by 3% (excluding fx options, payout, which is equal to 100%). The case of the PRO can be added for several Etihad trade accounts in the profile.

How to get the status of the PRO?

Any client of the company, which is trading forex, when trading volume up to 30000 USD / 30000 EUR. This deliberative size should appear within seven days. Indicators that have been reached before the launch of this property are not included in the accounts.
When calculating the deliberative size forex yielding 100% and open fx options are not counted by liquidity obtained as a result of switching rewards points on money for trading forex.